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Matching donor embryos with adoptive families everywhere

# and Date Created ID Preferred Marital Status and other Communication-
Relationship w/
6  Eggs Only (not embryos) Raxxxx Either Married or Single Anonymous View
  Situation overseas need to be shipped here for FET An
Either and Contact us Anonymous and semi open Contact us for details
# and How Created ID Preferred Marital Status and other Communication-
Relationship w/
1 Embryo used Sperm Donor Kaxxx Married Anonymous View
1 embryo Egg Donor Maxk Either N.E U.S. preferred View
1 Female 2 untested Saxx Either Will let adopters decide View
5 3 female 2 male Caxxx Either Case by case View
3 or 4 Embryos Mexxn Either Aonymous View
1 Bi racial Egg donor Sperm Donor Kexx Either Anonymous View
12 Embryos Bio Male Japanese Bio Female Caucasian from Brazil Maxxx Married Anonymous View
2 Pakistan/ India Moxx Married Will let adopters decide View
3 PGD tested 1 female 2 male  2+ (for any cllnic that will accept) mosaic Anxxxx Case by case Bi-annual updates View
4 from Sperm Donor 3 male
1 female
Red heads
Brxxxxxx Either Some openess for children View
4 Embryos Sperm Donor California Cryobank 15253 Chxxxxx Either Married or
Updates by email View
2 Embryos Naxxxxx Married Open- determining View

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