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Matching donor embryos with adoptive families everywhere

Embryos Available

Embryos Available:


Info about donors:

Height and Weight

Bio Mom: 5'3  lbs 180  Bio Dad: 5'11" 200 lbs

Hair and Eye Color

Bio Mom: Blonde hair Blue eyes  
Bio Dad: Brown  hair Brown  eyes


Bio Mom:   38  Bio Dad:   48

Number of Children and How Conceived

 Boy girl twins created from these embryos

Ethnic Background

Bio Mom: German/Irish/Italian
Bio Dad:  French and other European ancestry

Religious Background (and importance)

Bio Mom: Catholic

Bio Dad: Catholic

Level of Education

Bio Mom: M.BA.
Bio Dad:  H.S. technical

Hobbies and Interests

Bio Mom: Biking, Hiking and Reading

Bio Dad: Tai Kwan Do, Teaches snow boarding, hiking and biking


Bio Mom: Demand Planner
Bio Dad: 


Info about embies available:

# in storage

   Embryology report available (see disclaimer)

# of days old they are

Embryology report available  (see disclaimer)

quality if you know it

Embryology report available (see disclaimer)

when were they stored

2010 (see disclaimer)

how many babies were conceived from this procedure

Started with 3 have boy/girl twins (see disclaimer)

anything else?

 Stored using vitrification freeze method (see disclaimer)


Transparent/agency liaison/email/ anonymous

Transparent on case by case basis and at a minimum want to know name/sex/date of birth of baby/s born


Either married or single

preferred age range of couple?? Case by case basis
any # of kids in the home
1 or 0
surrogates ok?
 Case by case basis

Will donate to parent from another country?


anything else to add ?

  (see disclaimer) repeated one test and it came back negative contact us for details


Disclaimer: Profiles for this website and related content were prepared as informational and/or to expedite the adoption process. While we strive to provide correct information, neither the donors nor Embryos Alive, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information. We do however request donor's embryology and laboratory results to provide to your clinic for their review and acceptance.

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