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Matching donor embryos with adoptive families everywhere


Embryos Available:
Anxx recieved from
Sax family  Egg Donor's number is: RED 6153
Info about donors:
Height and Weight
Anonymous Egg Donor: 5 '10" 155 lbs  and
Bio Male Donating: 5' 11" 190   lbs
Hair and Eye Color

Anonymous Egg Donor: Brown  Hair Brown  eyes  
Bio Male Donating: Jet black wavy hair Hazel/Green  eyes
Anonymous Egg Donor: 24
Bio Male Donating:  39
Number of Children and How Conceived
This adoptor now donor had a baby girl Nov 217 and has 2 remaining of 4 she received.
Previous Adoptive mom now donor due end of August 2015- (had 7 donated 4 kept 3) -stated she has health issues UPDATE-Anxx transferred 1 and had a baby girl Dec 2018 now donating remaining 1

Original couple that created them had no children from these due to divorce and bio mom PCOS and polyps on her first try
Another adopter received ? and has one daughter (did not try again) donated and they had a daughter so there are 3 girls from these embryos since Dec 2018
Ethnic Background
Anonymous Egg Donor: Caucasian Norwegian/Brazilian
Bio Male Donating: 100% Italian (50% Naples 50% Sicilian)
Religious Background (and importance)
Anonymous Egg Donor: Raised Catholic
Bio Male Donating: Baptized Roman Catholic raised Christian
Level of Education
Anonymous Egg Donor: Completed court reporting pursuing law school
Bio Male Donating: High score on LSAT, B.S. Magna cum Laude and post graduate work
Hobbies and Interests
Anonymous Egg Donor: (checking file)
 Bio Male Donating: Saxophone/Athletic, ran track, marshal arts, biking.
Anonymous Egg Donor: Law school student top of her class
Bio Male Donating: Owns a Company
Info about embies available:
# in storage 1 remaining
started with 14 and have 3 adopters who have 3 girls!
 Embryology report av
Anxx tranferred1 and had one of the girls she is now donating
# of days old they are Embryology report available
quality if you know it Lab work available
When were they stored 2007  (see disclaimer)
How many babies were conceived from this procedure Adopter now donor Alxxxx had a daughter Nov 2017.
Another Adopter had a daughter from these August 2015. 
Original couple who donated used 4 but none resulted in a pregnancy but ex wife used these and she had fibroids and PCOS-polycystic ovarian syndrome
Original Male donor now has a daughter from using some of the embryos.
Previous Donor Anxx who donated 4 of 7 of these has not been able to use them to to circumstances and her health-update Anxx used one and had a baby girl in Dec 2018
anything else?
About the family donors want to choose:
Transparent- open /agency liaison/ anonymous Anonymous but if the biological children need to get in touch with him for medical reasons he is willing to be contacted
Either Married or Single
Preferred age range of couple?? Any Age Range case by case basis
Any # of kids in the home
Any number of Children case by case basis
Surrogates ok?
Anything else to add
Bio male is not willing to repeat any further testing
Bio male will consider paying for some placenta storage as his daughter is the only one from these embryos.
Daughter is very smart and healthy the male donor reports.

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