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Matching donor embryos with adoptive families everywhere

Embryos Available


Embryos Available:
Mexxxxx family
Info about donors:  Sperm donor D-5776 New England Cryogenic Center
Height and Weight
Bio DonorMom: 5' 8"  160 lbs  and
Sperm Donor: 6 '4"  215   lbs
Hair and Eye Color
Bio Donor Mom: Brown  hair Hazel eyes  
Sperm Donor: Brown  hair Brown eyes
Age (at time of IVF)
Bio Mom: 40
Sperm Donor: 26 
Number of Children and How Conceived
7 that the Bio donor mom knows of (bio mom has 2 boys)
Ethnic Background
Bio Donor Mom: Ashkenazi
Sperm Donor: Dutch and Eastern European
Religious Background (and importance)
Bio Mom: Ashkenazi Jewish (prefer Jewish adopter) or non religious
Sperm Donor: none
Level of Education
Bio DonorMom: Ph.D. Immunology
Sperm donor: Was in Grad school studying Aero/Astro Engineering
Hobbies and Interests
Bio Donor Mom: Bridge, Reading, Science pulishing
Sperm Donor: Lifting weights, jogging, mountain hiking, dancing, and cycling
Bio Donor Mom: Science Publishing
Sperm Donor: Was a student at time of donation in grad school
Info about embies available:
# in storage 2  (see disclaimer)
# of days old they are 6 day blasts (see disclaimer) Lab work available
quality if you know it Embryology report available
when were they stored Embryology report available remaining records still pending.
how many babies were conceived from this procedure There are 7 known children from the sperm donor and the donor bio mom reports  that the sperm donor does not know of any epilepsy in other children from his sperm. One of her boys has epilepsy and one of the half-siblings (girl) has epilepsy.
anything else?
About the family donors want to choose:
Transparent/agency liaison/ anonymous Transparent/Agency-willing to keep in contact for the children
Married or Single
preferred age range of couple?? Any age (case by case)
any # of kids in the home
 Yes (case by case)
Can they be from another country? Yes (case by case) Must be willing to stay in New York city
surrogates ok?
anything else to add ? Bio donor mom reports having had breast cancer (not genetic)
Prefer someone in New York city.

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