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Matching donor embryos with adoptive families everywhere

Embryos Available


Embryos Available:
Maxx open family
Info about donors:
Height and Weight
Anonymous Egg Donor: 5' 4" 148 lbs  and
Open this couple (anonymous original sperm donor) : 5'7"   178 lbs
Hair and Eye Color
Anonymous Egg Donor: Brown hair and Brown Eyes
Open this couple (anonymous original sperm donor) :  straight brown  hair Brown  eyes 
Egg Donor: 23 at time of donation
Open this couple (anonymous original sperm donor): 48
Number of Children and How Conceived
2 from these embryos
Ethnic Background
Anonymous Egg Donor: English/French/Irish/Welsh
Open this couple (anonymous original sperm donor) :
Caucasian English/Irish
Religious Background (and importance)
Anonymous Egg Donor: Methodist  
Open this couple (anonymous original sperm donor) :  sperm donor
Level of Education
Anonymous Egg Donor: Trade school (attending college)
Sperm donor: Associates degree
Hobbies and Interests
Open donating female (Anonymous Egg Donor): Weight lifting and walking, can read music and can sing 1st and 2nd alto and 1st and 2nd soprano, was in show choir, tennis
Open this couple (anonymous original sperm donor) :
Open donor mom (Anonymous Egg Donor):
Trade school (was attending college at time of sperm donation) Sales/Inventory Manager
Open this couple (anonymous original sperm donor) 
Law enforcement
Info about embies available:
# in storage 3
# of days old they are Lab work available
quality if you know it Lab work available
when were they stored records available
how many babies were conceived from this procedure 2 (twins) from these embryos
anything else? Sperm donor had twin daughters from his own IVF
About the family donors want to choose:
Transparent/agency liaison/ anonymous Transparent
preferred age range of couple?? 30's to 40's
any # of kids in the home
 up to 2 other children any age
Can they be from another country? No
surrogates ok?
anything else to add ? Adopters must be very healthy, in the normal range for weight, non smokers financially stable and in 30's to 40's age range.

Sperm donor reported both grandparents were heavy smokers and obese-Sperm donors mother died of liver cancer in her 60's and sperm donors maternal grandfather died at age 43 of a hert attack while several of the donors maternal grandparents brothers also died at a young age of heart disease -

Sperm donor reports on his paternal sie the donor has two aunts, one uncle, and several first-cousins who are alive and reported to be well
The egg donor reports that she has no health problems. Her one brother is obese and her brother has non-insulin dependent diabetes melitus. Her mother has asthma otherwise both parents report they are in good health

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