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Matching donor embryos with adoptive families everywhere

Embryos Available


Embryos Available:
 Laxxx  2-05-2008 
Info about donors:
Height and Weight
Egg Donor Mom: 5'7"   lbs 
Bio Dad:5'11"  lbs 220 lbs
Hair and Eye Color
Egg Donor: Brown eyes and brown hair
Bio Dad:  Brown hair and brown/gray eyes
Bio Mom   28 at donation      
Bio Dad:   43 at donation
Number of Children and How Conceived
1 daughter (Egg donor has donated 6 other times with a total of 11 live births)
Ethnic Background
Egg Donor: German, Belgian, Russian, Native American & Jewish     
Bio Dad: Irish/English
Religious Background (and importance)
Not important/ Jewish egg donor
Level of Education
Egg Donor: 2.5 years of college
Bio Dad: B.S.
Hobbies and Interests
Egg Donor: Travel, shopping         
Bio Dad:  snow boarding, scuba diving, collecting boxes, likes classic cars, very intelligent and enjoys researching anything, collects unique boxes
Egg Donor: Stay at home mom 
Bio Dad:  Administrative
Info about embies available:
# in storage 4  blasts (egg donor created)
# of Days Old They Are 5 days
Quality if you Know it Lab work available
when were they stored April 2007
How Many Babies Were Conceived From This Procedure One daughter from original embryo in Colorado, 1 Daughter FET in Ohio, also includes 1 son that is a 1/2 sibling to these children
anything else? Original embryos are in Colorado
About the family donors want to choose:
Open/agency liaison/ anonymous Open
Donors Note: See below
Married only  Surrogates ok
Preferred Age Range of couple?? Up to age 43
 # of Kids in the Home
Up to one
Anything Else To Add ?
You'll need to have an open mind, be committed to making sure your child knows they have siblings and be supportive of that relationship, open your heart to a level of connectivity you never imagine existed, and welcome a supportive extended family into your own. We are all animal lovers and enjoy a good glass of wine now and then. Some of us suffer extreme cases of wanderlust - sometimes together, while others of us enjoy the soft comforts of home. But, we all love each other and the bond this shared experience has provided us in this crazy world.From the moment these children have been born, we told their stories. They have never known a life where the truth wasn't told in a loving and supportive way. We talked about brothers, sisters, donors, birth parents, and family. We honor and uphold love in ways that make most people uncomfortable because at the end of the day it's about these children - not us. These children are born from the same DNA and living in difference families who share similarities that are wondrous, beautiful and and honor to behold. 

Your participation in this endeavor means that we want to have a relationship. We don't just want letters once a year. We want text messages with photos, conversations about how to talk about this connection, FaceTime calls where the children talk to one another knowing of their sibling link. We'll want to plan visits in-person and talk frankly about the good, the beautiful, the bad and the ugly sides of parenting and how your families will talk about your donor conceived child. At the end of all this we want the same thing: children who grow to be strong in who they are and don't have questions about where they came from and how much they are loved. Making sure they get that is entirely up to us in what we affectionately call our own little family. It isn't unusual for us to post photos of our children together and refer to them as "brother" and "sister" in a very public way.

We realize this isn't the right situation for everyone. So, if you're the type of parent who chooses to keep your child's origins a secret from them or anyone else, we are not the right source for you. This is the antithesis of an anonymous situation. 

If you're brave of heart, socially and emotionally conscious, open-hearted, and like dogs, we may have more to talk about.

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