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Matching donor embryos with adoptive families everywhere

Embryos Available


Embryos Available:
 Kexxx family (egg donor) Rachel
Info about donors:
Height and Weight
Anonymous Egg Donor: 5' 11" 127 lbs  and
Biological Sperm Male: 6' 0"  165 lbs
Hair and Eye Color
Anonymous Egg Donor: Brown hair Brown eyes  
Biological Sperm Male: Brown hair  Brown eyes
Biological Egg: 28
Biological Sperm Male: 43
Number of Children and How Conceived
1 son from these embryos and Egg donor has 3 children as of Nov 2014
Ethnic Background
Anonymous Egg Donor: Caucasian
Biological Sperm Male: German/English
Religious Background (and importance)
Anonymous Egg Donor:   Catholic
Biological Sperm Male: Christian
Level of Education
Anonymous Egg Donor: B.A.
Biological Sperm Male: B.S. Civil Engineering
Hobbies and Interests
Anonymous Egg Donor: Modeling, spending time at the beach, swimming, surfing, running, writing, singing, singing at mass and attending bible study.
Biological Sperm Male: Playing tennis, working out, watching ESPN and reading fiction
Anonymous Egg Donor: Currently a stay at home mom
Biological Sperm Male: Sales
Anything Else?
Info about embies available:
# in storage 8 donor reports they are 2PN (see disclaimer)
# of days old they are Embryology report requested 
quality if you know it Lab work requested 12/1 2014
when were they stored 2011 (see disclaimer)
how many babies were conceived from this procedure 1 son from these embryos
anything else?


About the family donors want to choose:
Transparent/agency liaison/ anonymous Agency Liasion (would like updates with pictures through the years)
preferred age range of couple?? Case by case basis
any # of kids in the home
Case by case basis
surrogates ok?
Case by Case basis
From another country? U.S. only
anything else to add ? Adopters should be Christian or Catholic.

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